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Lighthouse Herradura - Almuñecar - Spain S. XVI

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Ref: SAFE-1250
Manufacturer: Aedes ars
Family: stone shape construction
Approximate weight: 3.00 kg - 6.61 lb
Description: Lighthouse Herradura - Almuñecar - Spain S. XVI

Made to scale 1 / 75 by Aedes
It consists of 1,500 pieces and includes dimensions of 200 x 200 x 265 (mm)

Historical Review
His name is of the same name of the bay, the anchorage and the houses that are nearby.
Situated on an ancient watchtower, known as Punta de la Mona, in the town of Almuñecar, Granada, Spain.
This tower was built during the reign of Felipe II, like most that dot the area, and formed a complex surveillance network that is connected by means of fire and smoke signals to warn the raid as possible enemies, and to facilitate night navigation. According to chronicles of the time the link was so perfect that any attempt to invade Barbary was immediately transmitted to the cities allowing time for dressing troops.
This was a rudimentary telegraph system whose effectiveness was demonstrated over many years of continuous use. Keepers were in charge of military, forerunners of the lighthouse keepers.
The construction of the tower is conical, limestone masonry and lime mortar with hangman tile ceramic brick. Its main dimensions are 11.20 M. height, 8.80 M. in diameter in the bottom and 5.75 M. at the coronation.
The restoration project of this tower for the new use of light was passed in 1989. The main features of Lighthouse Herradura are nominal range of 15 miles, focal plane height above sea level of 141 M., in the field of 14 M., light intensity of 20,000 candles and white flashes night appearance repeated every 5 seconds.